Your Questions, My Answers

I'm not sure anyone will ask these questions but there's no reason not to tell the truth.

why this, why now?

Some may view these zeros and ones as a catalogue of loss, a final blushing of aged ego, a litany of semi-skilled failure wrapped in regret.

This may be true but residing here also is the recognition that what matters is not the size of the mark that is left but the belief that all creativity exists on an equal plane.  To create is to be divine; this website is the simple expression of an inner joy at what I was and what I wanted to be and what I still am.



what is the long tail ?

This website is an example of the long tail of the internet.  There is a 20% proportion of information (music in this case) that is 'popular' selling large quantities; balanced with this is the 80% that is less well known. In effect Coldplay may equate to 50,000 'unsuccessful' bands or 200 moderately well known artists. In retail terms this 80% swiftly disappears from racks but the internet has left everything as theoretically accessible as Lady Gaga and the rest.  Everything is stored and catalogued and searchable; the obscure need never be lost again. Woodman Stone is a niche market ...

Wiki explains it well. 



is this outsider art ?

While this is not outsider art or music, there is something about the process that shares a common theme with the work of outsider artists.  This really does exist for itself more than anything. When musicians become successful, back stories become myth and the creative process is most usually disguised and hidden.  At the very least a fabrication of 'image' is built around the artist, separating the reality from the consumer's dream. Woodman Stone does not quite fit into the normal pattern because within this site everything is shared, reduced to dates and descriptions, a self mythologised history of a lack of success, one-sided and unedited by an outside eye, without the slightest expectation...