I was working just off Warren Street when I wrote this. Nude Records were based just thirty yards away. I yearned terribly for some connection to be made with the Head Honcho.  My luck was in one day when we ended up in the same taxi - I'd been waiting at Great Portland Street for ten minutes with a boxed up DAT player that needed returning to the shop and he turned up and stole my ride.  I barged in, said we could share and then foolishly tried to sell him my "drum and bass meets Oasis" vibe.  Desperation does terrible things to a soul. "Sounds terrible" I think he said; record company men are rarely shy of sharing an opinion to cut you to the bone.  I deserved something and maybe that was it ... 


The album opener, this is based on the simple premise that dreams can (sometimes) take us anywhere.  Some people find themselves living the most peculiar and extreme lives because dreams they held dear as children or teenagers actually did come true. 


Conversely, the much greater proportion of us lead lives in which we have to let go of our dreams before they drive us mad.


And the world is designed to make us think that we should all have sensible jobs and live in sensible houses and let other people get on with the business of entertaining us or thinking big thoughts, shouldn't we?


So much is based on luck though; there may well only be a small pool of truly talented individuals but of these there is but a trickle who find themselves rich beyond avarice and famous past all understanding.


Personally, I can almost pride myself on consistently managing to do the wrong thing at the wrong time, thus minimising what small chance there was for 'success'.  Bob Dylan said, 'there's no success like failure and failure's no success at all' but I think he was looking for a rhyme and trying to be clever...