Does Madonna Dream?

Written around 1996.  I was finishing off a set of recordings with Nick Shires when I woke up with something needing to come out.  I wrote the chorus and part of the first verse with chords and melody in a sudden early morning rush before leaving the flat. That day, and for some years after the chorus was 'Does Michael Jackson Dream?' In retrospect, it lent the song an edge it didn't need and now he's dead it wouldn't make sense so now it's Madonna.

Anyway, that morning I met up with Nick and he suddenly found some energy (he'd lost interest in our project, having stripped the originality out, I think he was left disappointed with my singing) and we finished the song together. He then paid for some studio time, we recorded the song and he spent the next few months trying to get it released, convinced it was a hit. I'm sure he was right but we would have been better trying to place it with a publisher I think or finding a band of likely lads to record it.

There are one or two of Nick's words in there but I've edited and refined the song over the years so there's little left of his I think - he had Hitler and Eva Braun in the second verse and a reference to the Warren Commission in the last verse which I never really got.