My Friend Alison Said

The scene of the crime ...present day

I recall sitting on the bathroom floor of 20 Clarence Crescent during a party, totally overcome by the pain of losing the girl I thought I loved to the attentions of the tall man with whom we shared the house. Looking back, the fact that Alison said, "It's all in your head, it's not real," could have applied to either the nature of the pain or the reality of the infidelity. All that filled my head though was what I imagined was happening. 


I thought Alison meant that I could overcome my utter horror at the loss by sheer mental will but I could not be calmed and, as the party died down, I climbed out on the steps outside, leaned over onto the window sill and tried to look through a gap in the curtains into his ground floor room - I saw nothing.


It turned out to be his best friend that she had fallen for. I realise now of course that she didn't fall - I pushed her ... The song came to me some time later, fully formed, in a flat opposite the Brixton Academy.

Third floor, middle windows ... Brixton Academy is behind you.