Someone's Ideal

Another song not wholly mine but I really can't say who wrote what - Nonny Twist and I sat in the kitchen in Catford and wrote it together - as I recall, most of the words are mine, the majority of the music was his and it was the baby boys first best song. It helped get us a manager in the guise of Paul Martin who was sound engineer at The Mean Fiddler in Harlesden, the first night we worked there. 

A review of an early version recommended that we'd be better once we got 'the Morrisey whine out of our system' Too late now ...


Paul Martin paid to record this twice.  The first time we went down to Devon to a Residential Vegetarian Recording Studio, the name escapes me now ... We managed to get so drunk on the first night that I ended up driving the hire van back to the studio because I was the only one still able to walk.  Technically I couldn't drive though - no licence so, I suppose the drunken theory was, no licence to lose... 


We weren't that happy with the result of the sessions so Paul found some cash to help us record again. Nonny was halfway to moving up to Birkenhead and Amazon, over in Liverpool, had a good reputation so that's where we ended up.  The results were better but were still never released. 





Googling 'Someone's Ideal' led to Katie Turner's website.  She's a New York illustrator, who created a series about the ideal boyfriend. Click on the pic to have a look at her site. Credit also to Design Sponge that led me there


Interestingly, many of the links that came up dealt with ideal weight and self image. It's a mixed up world folks.