Until the shadow falls on me

The key line, which used to be the title of the song, is 'someone else's dreams will fill your home'  This is the sadness of the modern world encapsulated for me.  Everything of 'value' is measured through prisms of inconsequence or arrogance - the worthless elevated, the magnificent ignored.   Everything that isn't filtered to the desires of the lowest common denominator becomes less important or rather less influential, less able to effect the world, less able to exert the meaning it deserves.


This was a lost lyric for some time, sitting in a box file until 2006 without a melody or chord sequence.  It was ressurected on a whim of steel...


On the day this page was created, these words could not be found in this sequence anywhere on the web except here. There is also no image on the web that fits these words.   I have googlewacked myself.