When Tigers Claw

This was kind of written with a friend's son in mind. He was a little lost some of the time as is the way with three year olds I suppose and seemed a little sad. I tried to send myself back to that age and, of course, dreams and nightmares became my tools.  When I was little I never stretched out fully in bed because of what may have been lurking there, underneath the sheets.  Strange to think of being so afraid that there was something that could 'get me' if I ventured into their domain yet brave enough to get into bed every night. Sometimes, Solomon (8 today) wants company as he goes upstairs, asking for the doors to be shut and I'm taken back to that time when the unknown really was frightening.  The only change as I've got older is that what you know is very often more frightening than what you don't.

This song has my favourite ever lyric - 'the bed's adrift, you've cried a sea...' Nothing special but describes a feeling well, I think. This was one of the songs recorded for Nathan MacGough at East West with Simon-Toulson Clarke of Red Box producing. Another project that never quite escaped the studio...